A Vocabulary Builder Book 5 (Grade 8)

A Vocabulary Builder Book 5 (Grade 8)
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This entire series has been revised and updated throughout so that the word lists and exercises are more current and relevant both to students' daily experience and their academic work.

Each book introduces a list of 375-480 words, many of which occur frequently in material assigned in secondary schools and on college entrance exams. In addition, a special feature of this series is the incorporation of literary and historical references in many of the illustrative sentences and exercises to help students develop their cultural literacy as they improve their vocabularies.

The words are taught in manageable groups of 10-25 per lesson, and the exercises that follow include sentence completion, vocabulary in context, and word-analysis material. In addition, by using antonyms, synonyms, and analogies, exercises help to enlarge the student's working vocabulary far beyond the word lists.

An important feature of the A Vocabulary Builder series is that the books are cumulative. Comprehensive reviews occur every sixth lesson, and all the words reappear from 4 to 10 times after the lesson in which they are first introduced. Reproducible tests that accompany this series include matching words and meanings; reviewing prefixes, suffixes, and roots, as well as synonyms and antonyms; sentence completion; and solving analogies.

Answer Keys are provided.

A Vocabulary Builder, Book 5 has 30 lessons. The lessons are divided into 5 units with 6 lessons per unit. The number of words introduced in each lesson varies. Words from Book 5 include: smother, regulate, parallel, postpone, and typical. Book 5 introduces 400 words.