Test Ready High School Set

Test Ready High School Set
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1. Test Ready PLUS Reading Book

Choose PLUS Reading if your standards-based test includes: vocabulary tested in context selected-response comprehension questions writing prompts requiring constructed responses Within 9�18 days, students complete: timed pretest for diagnosis, and post test to show growth in comparison lessons reviewing key comprehension strategies, writing, and test taking TEST READY PLUS Reading offers instruction, practice, and preparation for standards-based tests in reading. Students answer more than 22 types of reading questions including: facts figurative language literary forms opinions analogies Short and long reading passages include: folktales narratives poetry letters fables expository passages informational text point-of-view articles Students write on demand in expository or narrative form. Enhanced selected-response, chart, and diagram questions address comprehension and higher-order thinking skills. Lessons provide practice with writing narrative or expository paragraphs about topics given—great preparation for performance-based tests where writing is evaluated using a rubric. Grades K�8, Advanced Level for HS English.

2. Test Ready Plus Mathematics

Prepare your students with authentic math problem-solving practice for today's standards-based paper-and-pencil tests. TEST READY� PLUS Mathematics focuses on math questions that closely mirror the types of problems on standardized tests to improve test scores—guaranteed. � Identifies learning gaps with pretest and shows growth with post test � Offers standards-based skill-specific lessons � Prepares students for testing in just 14 days � Advanced level also available