Recommended Reading Books Set for Grade 2 [10 Set]

Reading Book Set for Grade 2
Reading Book Set for Grade 2
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* More Stories Julian Tells

Gr 2-5 The five years that have passed since the publication of The Stories Julian Tells (Pantheon, 1981) have neither aged Julian nor diminished his charm. The black seven year old, his best friend Gloria, his younger brother and his parents are back in another five short stories that sparkle with all of the innocence and experience of childhood. The events of these stories making a bet with a friend, attempting to be strong and brave, sending a message in a bottle all reflect incidents true to children. Even though the stories are brief, the characters are fully realized and exhibit a complete range of emotions. Told with Cameron's flair for understatement and illustrated with Strugnell's playful charcoal drawings, these stories are the sort that will make children ask for more.

* The Drinking Gourd

The stars of the Big Dipper have led a runaway slave family to Deacon Fuller's house, a stop on the underground railroad. Will Tommy Fuller be able to hide the runaways from a search party -- or will the secret passengers be discovered and their hope for freedom destroyed?

* George Washington's Mother

Everyone has a mother. Even George Washington. But Mary Washington is nothing like you'd think! She hates to dress up. And she always thinks she knows what's best for George. After all, she's his mother! You can read more about her in this true story by Jean Fritz.

* Ms. Hannah is Bananas

Ms. Hannah wears dresses made out of potholders and collects garbage instead of throwing it out. Plus she's making A.J. be partners with smelly Andrea. This is the worst art class ever!

* Night of the Full Moon

The night of the full moon is approaching and Libby Mitchell cannot wait! Nothing will stop her from visiting her best friend, Fawn, at the nearby Indian camp and attending a special ceremony there. When soldiers rush in and order everyone at the camp to move off the land immediately—they mistake Libby for a member of the tribe! As each day passes, Libby wonders if she will ever see her family again.

* The Class Trip from the Black Lagoon

A new trade release of the hugely popular book club series by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee. These fun-filled chapter books mix school, monsters, and common kid problems with hilarious results. Oh, no! It's the class trip from the Black Lagoon. The kids have no idea where they're going but they imagine a day full of ferocious animals, maniacal monsters, and scary aerial acrobatics. And their teacher, mean Mrs. Green, is going to quiz them on everything! When the kids stop letting their imaginations run wild they soon realize that they're going to a very cool zoo. But that won't change the fact that there's never a dull moment in the Black Lagoon

* Dinosaur Hunters

A new trade release of the hugely popular book club Less than 200 years ago, nobody knew that dinosaurs had ever existed. Now, scientists who study fossils know about many kinds of dinosaurs and where they lived. The hunt is on for new information about our favorite prehistoric reptiles!

* Finding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams

The year is 1635, and Mary Williams and her family live in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Her father, Roger, is on trial for preaching new ideas about freedom. When found guilty, he flees into the cold, telling Mary that she must trust in God's providence to see him to safety.

* Sam the Minuteman

"Get your gun!" Sam's father said. "The British soldiers are coming this way!" Sam's father was a Minuteman. Sam was ready in a minute.

Father and son rushed to the village green. Other Minutemen were already there. Through the long night they waited and waited. Then, at dawn, the soldiers came!

* The Animal Rescue Club

Who do you call when a squirrel is trapped in a mud puddle or a baby opossum is stuck in a drainpipe ?

Meet Jeffrey, Beaner, Raymond, and Mike--the Animal Resuce club! Adventures wait around every corner as this intrepid band of kids, working with a Wildlife Rehabilitator, helps the wild animals in our neighborhood.