Outrageous Women of the Renaissance

Outrageous Women of the Renaissance
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Fabulous true stories of the most amazing women in history.

They were cool and courageous, self-reliant and sharp-witted, daring and determined.

They were the exciting, inspiring, and totally Outrageous Women of the Renaissance.

These remarkable women forged their own paths, made their own rules--and rocked the world!

Among the outrageous women you'll meet are: * Joan of Arc--the bold warrior who at age 17 became commander-in-chief of the French army and led her country's charge against the invading English. * Elisabetta Sirani--the lightning-quick painter who opened an all-female art school and became an international sensation. * Grace O'Malley--the mother of three who ruled the high seas as Ireland's pirate queen and freedom fighter. * Christina of Sweden--the eccentric Swedish monarch who awakened her country to the wonders of Renaissance art, science, and literature. * Gracia Mendes Nasi--the Spanish humanitarian and philanthropist whose "underground railroad" saved the lives of countless persecuted Jews.