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Merriam-Webster’s Speaking Language Master
Merriam-Webster’s Speaking Language Master
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The Speaking Language Master is the essential device and the ideal reference tool to achieve proficiency for an individual, family or study group. Specifically designed for more than one user, one can create a study list of words and let a fellow student or family member have their own study list, or use the large screen and display to share a definition or game with a friend. Use Franklin's Dynamic Phonics Guide to hear how letters in a word sound.


• 130,000 words and 300,000 definitions, 500,000 synonyms (words with similar meanings) and over 10,000 antonyms (words with opposite meanings)

• 11,000 Classmates (category words - for example with tiger you might also find cheetah, lion, cat) - A Franklin exclusive!

• Features Phonetic Spell Correction (type the word like it sounds)

• Installed grammar guides enables you to write or speak with confidence

• Large screen, 3 font sizes showing up to 8 lines of text and adjustable screen contrast

• Hear the pronunciation as needed with the press of a button

• Port for Headphones (sold separately) so you can listen to your device in private and without disturbing those nearby

• 12 word games with customizable levels of challenge, including: Anagrams, Deduction, Flashcards, Jumble, Letris, Memory Challenge, Spelling Bee, Hangman, Word Blaster, Word Builder, Word Deduction, and Word Train

• Crossword Puzzle Solver - A Franklin exclusive!

• Battery-low indicator

• Auto-shutoff to preserve the life of your batteries


• Battery Requirements: 4 AA Batteries (not included)

• Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.75 x 1 inches

• Weight: 12 oz.