Math Olympiad and American Mathematics Competition

Math Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition(AMC), Mathcounts
If you have a child who thinks that math is easy and not challenging, these books are the "must have". The problems are fun and non-standard. They require thinking and understanding of the material. These books provide an incentive for students to intensify their study of math.

These books help the students to achieve the following goals: • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics • To introduce important Mathematical concepts • To teach major strategies for problem solving • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems • To strengthen Mathematical intuition • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC)

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) is dedicated to the goal of strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth. We believe that one way to meet this goal is to identify, recognize and reward excellence in mathematics through a serics of national contests called the: • American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC 8), • American Mathematics Contest 10 (AMC 10), • American Mathematics Contest 12 (AMC 12), • American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), and • United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO).