I Spy Word Scramble Game, Grades K-3

I Spy Word Scramble Game, Grades K-3
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Product Description

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What do you SPY? How quickly can you spell it? Do you spy a face? Green eyes? A ball? Slide the letters around the Scramble Board and see how many words you can spell. Make the most words before the two minute timer runs out and you win! Great for home or take on the road. A fun way to learn to spell! Multiple award winner. I Spy Word Scramble is for 1 to 4 players ages 7 and up.

Product Description

Draw a picture card, and what do you see' Do you spy an ant, a trumpet, or a tree?' now the real challenge begins. You must move the game board letter tiles around until you find your word. Each letter earns points, and the most points, wins! You'll have to be sharp with your spelling and creative with your words. Maybe the picture is of an umbrella, but you can't seem to unscramble that word. Well, you can move the tiles around to make "rainy" instead. You'll have two minutes to get all your letters in a row before time runs out. How many words can you Spy in that time' Score one point for each letter used, and bonus points for words made of five letters or more. The player with the most points after four rounds wins. Picture cards are double-sided, for beginner and advanced play. Game comes with 26 double-sided playing cards, game board with 48 interlocking, sliding letter tiles, two-minute timer and game instructions.

Product Features

Includes game board with 48 sliding letters, sand timer, 26 double-sided spy cards

For one or more players

Comes with instructions

For ages 7 and above