How to Work with Time & Money 2-pack

How to Work with Time & Money Grades 1-6
How to Work with Time & Money Grades 1-6
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How to Work with Time & Money: Grades 1-3 & Grades 4-6 pack presents a comprehensive overview of time and money on a level appropriate for students in grades 1-3. This book follows some of the guidelines set forth in NCTM standards. Time and money are real-life skills that are used every day. When working with time and money, it is important to give children many concrete experiences regarding how time is used and how money is used, counted, and earned.

Each of the units contains one or more “How to” pages and two or more practice pages. The “How to” section of each unit precedes the practice pages and provides needed information such as a concept or math rule review, important terms and formulas to remember, or step-by-step guidelines necessary for using the practice pages. The practice pages review and introduce new skills and provide opportunities for the children to apply the newly acquired skills. Each unit is sequential and builds upon the ideas covered in the previous unit(s).

The activities in this book will help your children learn new skills or reinforce skills already learned in the following areas: • developing ways of calculating time • using models to relate time to schedules • developing number sense for decimal problems involving money • using models to explore operations with fractions, decimals, and percents • applying knowledge of percents to real-life situations