How to Solve Word Problems Grades 4-5

How to Solve Word Problems Grades 4-5
How to Solve Word Problems Grades 4-5
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How to Solve Word Problems: Grades 4-5 presents a comprehensive overview of word problems for students at this level. It can be used to introduce and teach basic word problems to children with little or no background in the concepts. This book can also be used in a learning center containing materials needed for each unit of instruction.

The units in this book can be used in whole-class instruction with the teacher or by a parent assisting his or her child through the book. This book also lends itself to use by a small group doing remedial or review work on word problems or for individuals and small groups engaged in enrichment or accelerated work.

The word problem activities in this book will help your children learn new skills and reinforce skills already learned in the following areas: solving word problems step by step; estimating reasonable answers; recognizing unnecessary, extra information; solving for more than one answer; using data on charts and tables to solve word problems.