Grammar for Writing Workbook (McDougal Littell), Grade 7

Grammar for Writing Workbook (McDougal Littell), Grade 7
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Each lesson has different levels of worksheets. Teaching introduces the skill; More Practice and Application extend the skill with advanced exercises.

Each page focuses on one topic or skill. A brief instructional summary on the Teaching page is followed by reinforcement activities.

Key words and phrases are highlighted for greater clarity and ease of use. When appropriate, example sentences demonstrate how to complete exercises.

McDougal Littell produces some of the best English curricula in existence for middle and high school. Their Grammar for Writing workbooks are wonderful. They contain teaching, more practice, and application worksheets that facilitate learning/teaching. With a bit of teaching creativity, lesson planning challenges become a thing of the past when these books are used in conjunction with the textbook! I use them for my sixth grade through high school English classes.

Answer keys are included.