Get Set for Math Common Core Gr. 3

Get Set for Math Common Core Gr. 3
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Product Description

Now that your students have an understanding of the standards, it’s time to put them to the test. Get Set for Math Common Core shows students how to apply their skills as they prepare for end-of-year assessments based on the Common Core. All this support means one less worry for test day. See our brochure for more details.

Practice written directly to the standards Lessons are built from scratch with each addressing one or more of the Common Core’s Standards of Mathematical Practice.

Gradual release of responsibility The three-part lesson format allows for teacher-driven instruction, collaborative guided practice, and independent testing.

A focus on rigor and depth of knowledge Books promote a deep understanding of the standards with Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels 2 and higher. Focus Lessons require students to use critical thinking to understand the standard in practice rather than trying to memorize a sample problem.

Assessment type questions Independent Practice includes problem types based on those in Common Core assessments. Items are constructed response, and tasks required of students vary. •Perform computations •Plot points on a coordinate plane •Answer questions with more than one right answer •Complete a table •Measure or draw a figure

Vocabulary Flash cards in the back of each book reinforce key words and concepts at grade level.

Colorful lessons Full-color pages engage students for successful learning.