GATE/OLSAT Test Prep Bundle for Kindergarten

GATE/OLSAT Test Prep Bundle for Kindergarten
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Product Description

This bundle contains a variety of titles to use to prepare for the GATE Test. It focuses on teaching thinking skills to a young child. We wouldn't expect many toddlers to be ready to take on all of these at once but children develop at different rates in different areas. If you've got a capable child, there will be something here you can start on right away and plenty to grow with. Play with your child and enjoy learning. Perhaps the greatest strength of this selection is the resources it will give you to interact with your child in ways that foster learning.

Titles included are

1. Visual Perceptual Skill Building, Book 1 - $24.99

2. Can You Find Me? PreK - $ 16.99

3. Frist Time Analogies, Gr.K-2 - $12.95

4. Early Learning Skills, Master Skills - $6.95

5. Mind Benders Book 1 - $9.99

6.Thinker Doodles A1: Grades K-1 - $8.99

7. Half N Half Animals A1: Grades K-1 - $8.99

8.Math Analogies, Grades K-1 - $11.99

Skills covered include:

• Verbal Reasoning

• Non-Verbal Reasoning

• Quantitative Reasoning

• Logic

• Listening Skills