GATE/OLSAT Test Prep Bundle for Grade 7

GATE/OLSAT Test Prep Bundle for Grade 7
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Product Description

The GATE Test Prep Bundle for Grade 7 contains our top picks to use in preparation for Gifted and Talented testing. In making these selections we've assumed that you've got a highly capable child.

Grade level designations on the individual titles are from the publishers and are applicable to average children. Since GATE testing is designed to identify children with cognitive abilities two or more years ahead of those of their peers you'll need above grade level material to expose your child to the most difficult concepts they'll be tested on.

Titles included are

1. Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Verbal - $ 29.99

2. Think Analogies B1 - $11.99

3. Mind Benders Book 7 - $12.99

4. Scratch Your Brain C1 - 15.99

5. Word Roots B1 - $16.99

6. Intermediate Math Puzzlers, Gr.5-8 - $14.99

7. Quick Thinks Math C1 - $5.99

Skills covered include:

Verbal Reasoning

� Non-Verbal Reasoning

� Quantitative Reasoning

� Logic