Finish Line Mathematics Gr. 1

Finish Line Mathematics Gr. 1
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Product Description

Standards Connection Student books are divided into units that parallel the domains in the CCSS at grade level.

Practice for Assessment-Type Items A mix of question types, including those on Common Core assessments, is found in the unit reviews and Independent Practice sections.

Get Ready to Learn The first unit reviews big ideas from the previous grade with four-to-five topics that are key to new concepts in the current grade. This allows the students to refresh their skills in these areas before building on them to learn new ideas.

Instructional Lessons This series uses the gradual release model—from teacher-led instruction to individual student work—in a four-part lesson format: Skill Introduction, Focused Instruction, Guided Practice, and Independent Practice.

Learning Resources Flash cards and a glossary are provided for key concepts and vocabulary presented in the book.