Finish Line English Language Arts Gr. 3

Finish Line English Language Arts Gr. 3
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Product Description

Standards Connection Student books are divided into units that parallel the strands in the CCSS at grade level.

Format of Instruction The books use the gradual release model—from teacher-led instruction to individual student work—in a four-part lesson format: Skill Introduction, Focused Instruction, Guided Practice, and Independent Practice.

Practice for Assessment-Type Items A mix of question types, including those on Common Core assessments, is found in the unit reviews and Independent Practice sections.

Language Arts In addition to lessons on reading comprehension skills, each book includes a full unit of writing and language standards for students to practice the writing process, learn how to answer open-ended questions, and apply grammar and usage conventions.

Close Reading of Rigorous Text Much like Common Core standards and assessments, the books require students to find evidence from the text to support their answers.

Vocabulary A glossary in each student book includes terms that appear in boldface throughout the book.