Evan Moor Common Core Mastery Text-Based Writing Nonfiction Gr. 2

Evan Moor Common Core Mastery Text-Based Writing Nonfiction Gr. 2
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Product Description

Ideal for preparing your second-grade students for state writing assessments and meeting new standards, this series offers scaffolded text-based writing practice with essential nonfiction writing forms, such as: ˇ¤ Compare and contrast ˇ¤ Sequence ˇ¤ Explanatory ˇ¤ Informative ˇ¤ Cause and effect ˇ¤ Opinion

The 15 units provide activities that prepare students to complete text-dependent writing prompts.

Each unit begins with a unit focus and lesson checklist to guide students through the learning path, which includes: ˇ¤ a picture dictionary with content vocabulary words to help students connect words with meanings ˇ¤ close reading of a leveled nonfiction article ˇ¤ text-dependent comprehension questions to support understanding ˇ¤ a graphic organizer to help students organize information from the article and plan their writing ˇ¤ a text-dependent writing prompt

Teachers will appreciate these additional resources and features! ˇ¤ Downloadable home–school connection activities and projects help teachers encourage learning at home. ˇ¤ Common Core State Standards correlations are located on each unit for easy reference. ˇ¤ The reading level is provided to help identify appropriate texts. ˇ¤ The suggested learning path helps teachers pace the lesson, and makes scaffolding easy!

The leveled nonfiction reading selections include: ˇ¤ Biographies ˇ¤ Geography articles ˇ¤ Health articles ˇ¤ Science articles ˇ¤ Social studies articles