Einstein's WHO, WHAT, and WHERE, Book 1 (Grade 4-6)

Einstein's WHO, WHAT, and WHERE, Book 1 (Grade 4-6)
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Why were people in Salem, Massachusetts, accused of being witches in the 1690s? How were books made before the printing press was invented? Why was DDT, a popular pesticide, banned in the United States? These are some of the questions answered in this three-book, reading-comprehension series.

People, places, and events from around the world and from ancient to modern times provide the subjects for 15 new and interesting stories in each book. The books can be used in many ways—as part of the reading and social studies curriculum in regular, remedial, and second-language classes as well as with home-school instruction. The clear directions allow students to work independently or in a group. By broadening students’ general knowledge of the world through its reading selections and by developing their understanding, thinking, and writing skills through its exercises, this series prepares students well for standardized or other kinds of tests. Book 1 offers 15 narratives on topics as varied as the Great Barrier Reef, the Salem Witch Trials, and Ludwig van Beethoven. Students show their understanding of what they have read by finding and marking answers in the text as well as by writing answers to comprehension questions. They expand and strengthen their vocabulary through exercises that include proverbs, idioms, similes, and homophones. They develop their writing by creating letters, summaries, descriptions, and interviews.

Answer keys are provided.