Help your students master the basics of earth science!

Earth Science, Reproducible Workbook, Middle/Upper Grades
Earth Science, Reproducible Workbook, Middle/Upper Grades
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Give your students a close look at the earth science basics, including earth's layers, the formation of mountains and volcanoes, fossils, erosion, types of rock, and soil. The activities include experiments, puzzles, research projects, and more.

This book contains a variety of activities that address key earth science objectives for students in grades six through nine, including

Describing forces that change the earth

Identifying rocks and minerals

Understanding the theory of continental drift

Diagramming the layers of Earth and its atmosphere

Creating a model of the water table

Each teacher-created page clearly presents important earth science concepts then requires students to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts. The easy-to-use activities include performing experiments, labeling diagrams, solving puzzles, answering thought-provoking questions, and much more!