Easy Grammar: Grade 4 Teacher Edition

Easy Grammar:  Grade 4 Teacher Edition
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Product Description

* 525 pages

* 40 prepositions introduced

* materials presented in an easy manner

* capitalization and punctuation rules presented a few at a time with

* practice for just those rules

* contains cumulative reviews and cumulative tests for increased mastery

* includes reviews and tests at the end of the units

* includes many teacher ideas and strategies for very easy teaching and learning

* Writing section "teaches" how to write items in a series and appositives

* pre/Post assessments

* See "Scope and Sequence" for content.

* reproducible worksheets (answer key on left side and reproducible page on right)

* Tests are also in the teacher edition.

* This student test booklet saves you from having to make copies of the tests.

* Not reproducible for student use.