Developing Comprehension by Gould/Stern, Grade 4

Developing Comprehension by Gould/Stern, Grade 4
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Developing Comprehension is composed of four student books, each divided into ten units followed by end-of-book mastery tests.

Each unit consists of three types of pages: learning pages, practice pages, and a test page. Skills are introduced on the learning pages. Reinforcement for skills is provided on the practice pages that occur at logical intervals, usually after three or four learning pages. Mastery is assessed with the end-of-unit Checking Skills test.

Each learning page begins with an example, illustrations, and/or a short explanation of the skill being introduced. Students are then guided in developing the skill as they complete the exercises on the page.

Each practice page presents additional exercises to reinforce the skills just introduced. Illustrations, examples, and/or directions are included as necessary. No new skills are introduced on practice pages.

By the completion of this book, students have been introduced to sound-letter correspondences and taught how to decode simple, regular, short vowel words. They have also been helped to realize that the process of reading includes understanding what has been read.

The answers for the learning pages and practice page exercises can be found on the reduced student pages that accompany the lesson plans in the Teacherís Edition.