Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing, Grade 12

Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing, Grade 12
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The Daybooks of Critical Reading and Writing combine high-interest fiction and nonfiction with direct reading and writing instruction. They’re a great way to encourage active, analytical reading and help all students build key reading and writing skills.

Strategies to strengthen literacy skills:

• Making Connections

• Posing Questions

• Determining Importance

• Mental Imaging

• Making Inferences

• Synthesizing

Help students build critical reading, writing, and thinking skills with engaging reader-response lessons packed with quality fiction, non-fiction, and poetry selections. Wrap-around Teacher’s Editions provide vocabulary support, assessment, and differentiated instruction strategies to meet the needs of all students. • Support comprehension with numerous illustrations, graphic organizers, and photographs

• Encourage students to connect to each selection with integrated reading and writing format

• Expose students to a variety of genres and a diverse collection of literature

• Help prepare students for state assessments