Review, Practice, & Mastery of Mathematics Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards Mathematics, Grade 8
Common Core State Standards Mathematics, Grade 8
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Product Description

Forty-six states have adopted all or part of the Common Core State Standards. Embed the standards into your daily curriculum with Review, Practice, & Mastery to provide systematic review of the Common Core skills with ongoing assessment and progress monitoring.

A consistent instructional design guides students to mastery of the skills in the Common Core State Standards for Math, Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Language, and Writing.

► Diagnostic Pretest

Items match the skills found in the Common Core and allow assessment of current knowledge.

► Review

Skill lessons provide guided review of each standard. Each lesson focuses on understanding the higher-order thinking skills needed to meet the rigor of the standards.

► Practice

Authentic independent practice of each skill.

► Math - includes modeled step-by-step solutions.

► Mastery

Comprehensive and lesson - level tests for each standard measure progress and skill mastery.

► Teacher Guide and Answers are provided.