Common Core Coach, Mathematics Grade 4

Common Core Coach, Mathematics Grade 4
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Product Description

The total Common Core package! Fully informed and comprehensive, Common Core Coach will serve perfectly as your main instructional base throughout the school year. Designed to be totally flexible, you may opt instead to use this series in partnership with your core text, relying on it to add depth, understanding, and practice at different stages of instruction. In whichever approach suits you, the expert weaving of the Standards for Mathematical Practice throughout the curriculum, ensure the development of mathematical proficiency in your students.

Common Core Coach covers the five domains identified by the CCSS for each grade. Domain Progressions are displayed for each domain, providing a clear visual roadmap of how new content builds upon content from previous grade levels and domains, and connects to future domains.

Domain Progression Charts Grades: 3 4 5 6 7 8

With this instructional anchor, you can implement the Common Core State Standards with confidence.

► 100% aligned to the Common Core State Standards

► Common Core Coach provides a set of lessons for each of the five CCSS domains, with each lesson aligning to one or more standard - together, lessons cover all the domainí»s standards.

► Concept Lessons begin with an underlying concept that connects directly to the skill or skills taught in that lesson.

► Students will use a four-step problem-solving process - Read, Plan, Solve, Check - to approach any mathematical problem.

► Interactive questions follow examples and ask students to discuss a topic, model a situation, try to solve a problem on their own, or check their work

► Content - specific Math Tools are supplied for individual lessons

► Mathematical terms highlighted throughout the student text when first introduced are defined in a Glossary, with a lesson reference.

► Answer Key is provided.