Practice Makes Perfect Calculus

Calculus: Practice Makes Perfect
Calculus: Practice Makes Perfect
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Table of contents Introduction;

Part I Limits 1. The Concept of Limit 2. Special Limits 3. Continuity;

Part II Differentiation 4. Definition of the Derivative and the Derivatives of Some Simple Functions; 5. Rules of Differentiation 6. Additional Derivatives

Part III Integration, 7. The Indefinite Integral and Basic Integration Formulas and Rules; 8. Basic Integration Techniques 9. The Definite Integral;

Part IV Applications of the Derivative and the Definite Integrals, 10. Application of the Derivative 11. Applications of the Definite Integral Appendix: Differentiation Formulas; Appendix: Integration Formulas; Answer Key; Worked Solutions

Author comments William D. Clark, Ph.D., has been a professor of mathematics at Stephen F. Austin State University for more than 30 years. Sandra Luna McCune, Ph.D., is Regents Professor currently teaching as a mathematics specialist in the Department of Elementary Education at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU).