Beginning Maps and Globes, Grades 1-3

Beginning Maps and Globes, Grades 1-3
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Product Description

Children are eager to learn about the people and places in the world, and how to reach them. This book helps your students or children at home learn about maps and globes.

List of Concepts:

* a map is a picture that shows location * what is the difference between maps and globes * different kinds of maps * how to use a map * compass rose and other map symbols * hemispheres, latitude, and longitude * how to make a simple map

List of Activities:

* information pages followed by activities that use the information to perform a task - simple picture maps, political and physical maps * seven continents puzzle * draw, match, cut & paste, answer map questions * activity pages with drawing, coloring, matching, marking answers

Reproducible pages for study or coloring. Features fun, instructive illustrations throughout, many in color. Answer key provided.