Back to School 4th Grade [History/Science] Workbook Set 7

Back to School 4th Grade [History/Science] Workbook Set 7
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Steck-Vaughn Focus on Science Level D

Steck Vaughn Focus on Science delivers elementary science lessons and focuses on essential content through an easy-to-understand approach. This science curriculum contains manageable amounts of content followed directly by practice activities and reviews. Ideal for those seeking a lighter workload or for kids who are slower learners. Students will find the style appealing and the content easy to use. Controlled vocabulary, carefully selected illustrations, and meaningful hands-on science activities work together to provide a positive learning experience for all students. Ideal for students who rely on visual clues for a better understanding of what they read, because the text includes many illustrations, photographs, and charts to reinforce important terms and concepts. Focus on Science recognizes skill diversity and presents science concepts precisely, matching grade-level content. The page counts for the student books range from 64 pages in Level A to 144 pages in Level F.

The Steck Vaughn Focus On Science Teacher Guide offers suggestions for concluding chapter and unit studies and establishing connections to other curriculum areas.

Instructional strategies for presenting chapters and units. Suggestions for engaging students in chapter and unit studies. Further strategies for presenting features such as hands-on activities and career pages. The Teachers Guide also contains convenient blackline masters to help extend student learning. These include:

A blackline master dedicated to problem solving and process-skill development activities in each chapter. Special unit projects that provide creative learning extensions and promote independent learning. A letter to parents is provided on the blackline master at the beginning of each chapter. Teachers send this letter home to help keep families involved and informed of the curriculum plans and activities. Chapter Reviews at the end of each chapter present science concepts in a format unlike other activities, giving students a chance to review their understanding in new ways.

Steck-Vaughn Social Studies Level D

You can help your struggling students accelerated to academic success - if you have a proven partner by your side. Since 1936, Harcourt Achieve's Steck-Vaughn imprint has been that partner, offering research-based, classroom -proven programs. Now you can offer social studies success to the students who need it most. Take advantage of an attractive alternative for elementary core content. This six-level program: Correlates to social studies curriculum throughout the United States, Provides on-level content without the reading barriers, and Presented in a manner that students will understand and enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.

Spectrum Geography Grade 4

Spectrum Geography Regions of the U.S.A. Resource Book, Grade 4 Our proven Spectrum Geography grade 4 workbook features 128 pages, focusing on five geographic themes including location, place, human/environmental interaction, movement, and regions. Recently updated to current national standards, including updated scope and sequence, along with updated events and maps. This workbook for children ages 9 to 10 strengthens geography knowledge and map-reading skills. Geography skills include: Types of regions Canals and tributaries Natural and human events Cultural history Map skills Our best-selling Spectrum Geography series features age-appropriate workbooks for grades 3 to 6. Developed with the latest standards-based teaching methods that provide targeted practice in geography fundamentals to ensure successful learning!