Everything You Need To Know 3rd Grade Workbook Set 5

Everything You Need To Know 3rd Grade Workbook Set 5
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Document-Based Questions for Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Grade 3

Give students practice in answering the types of questions used in standardized tests. High-interest stories, primary source documents, and comprehension questions will hold students' attention and encourage the use of higher order thinking skills.

Read 4 Today Grade 4

This comprehensive, quick and easy-to-use supplement complements any third grade language curriculum. The reproducible activities review fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills and concepts in only ten minutes each day during a four-day period. On the fifth day, a 20-minute, ten problem assessment is provided. Read 4 Today provides good practice for standardized tests by incorporating the style and syntax of standardized tests. It also includes test-taking tips, skills and concepts charts, scope and sequence charts, and an answer key.

How to Write a Paragraph Grade 1-3

Inspiring activities help students learn the "how to's" of language arts skills. Busy teachers appreciate the variety of activities, hands-on experiences, and independent learning opportunities presented in each book.