Everything You Need To Know 3rd Grade [Science/History] Workbook Set 7

Everything You Need To Know 3rd Grade [Science/History] Workbook Set 7
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Steck Vaughn Focus on Science Level C

This series offers versatile supplemental science support with either a science curriculum or a unit study approach, summer science review, or as a base to go further by adding more reading from the library or additional science books. The workbooks combine short, readable science lessons with workbook-style activities, hands-on activities, and suggestions for taking the studentís interest beyond the lesson. Each workbook covers the larger science areas in three units: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Each unit is then broken down into chapters, each of which is made up of 6 lessons.

Steck Vaughn Social Studies Level C

This series provides on-level core content in an appealing, full-color format presented at comfortable levels for limited readers. Better yet, these softcover titles are available at a fraction of the cost of basal texts, and they offer a great opportunity for social studies success to the students who need it most. A Teacher's guide provides everything you need to prepare and present lessons, including at-home letters in English and Spanish and midterm and final tests for Levels C-E. Teacher's resource binders provide ample support for reinforcement, enrichment, and assessment. You'll find materials such as unit and chapter planners, blackline masters, and extra classroom resources such as geography skills workbooks, state resources, relevant literature, and cassettes.

LEVEL C: LIVING IN OUR COMMUNITIES Community types, geography, government, what communities share, special people profiles

Read and Understand Celebrating Diversity Grades 2-3

Read and Understand, Celebrating Diversity contains biographies, fiction, and nonfiction stories that present the rich diversity of the people of North America. There are biographies of well-known people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, stories about adults and children who must deal with disablilties, and stories that provide a historical perspective. Each of the stories is followed by four pages of activities:\n, comprehension, vocabulary, an activity that all allows students to connect the story to their own lives, a cross-curricular activity Celebrating Diversity, Grades 2-3 contains 19 stories, including:, Biographies-Michelle Kwan, Sacajawea, Louis Armstrong, Martin Luther King, Jr., Helen Keller, Itzhak Perlman, Fiction-My Visit to the Navajo People, Preparing for the Chinese New Year,Teresa's Family, Moving Child, Nonfiction-Seven Days of Kwanzaa

Spectrum Geography Grade 4

Our proven Spectrum Geography grade 4 workbook features 128 pages, focusing on five geographic themes including location, place, human/environmental interaction, movement, and regions. Recently updated to current national standards, including updated scope and sequence, along with updated events and maps. This workbook for children ages 9 to 10 strengthens geography knowledge and map-reading skills. Geography skills include: ~Types of regions ~Canals and tributaries ~Natural and human events ~Cultural history ~Map skills Our best-selling Spectrum Geography series features age-appropriate workbooks for grades 3 to 6. Developed with the latest standards-based teaching methods that provide targeted practice in geography fundamentals to ensure successful learning.