Everything You Need To Know 1st Grade Workbook Set 8

Everything You Need To Know 1st Grade Workbook Set 8
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Evan Moor Creative & Creative Thinking Activities Grade 1

Engage your grade 1 students in thinking skills with Critical and Creative Thinking Activities! 140+ pages of fun, imaginative activities motivate students as they practice thinking in multiple ways about a variety of curriculum and theme-based topics.

46 theme-based units make it easy to find activities that fit your core curriculum: Through the Year, Animals, Places, Fairy Tale Fun, Things that Move, and In My World.

Half N Half Animals A1: Grade K-1

Presents students with the challenge of completing a picture that is only half drawn. To complete the drawing, your child must mentally flip the image to add the missing parts.

If Basic Skills: Sequencing Grade 2

The high-interest stories and illustrations in this book will motivate your students to learn every aspect of sequencing while still having fun! The activities in this book teach sequencing concepts while also helping students learn to effectively follow directions and properly sequence events. They are also written in a variety of ways to keep your students interested.