Basic Math Skills, Grade 2

Basic Math Skills, Grade 2
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Turn to this comprehensive resource whenever students need additional skill practice.

Basic Math Skills is organized into the following sections, which correspond to the strands of the NCTM content standards: Number and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability.

Each skill is covered in a set of six reproducible pages that includes the following:

ˇ°Funˇ± Activities-Students practice the skill with dot-to-dots, riddles, mazes, codes, and other game-oriented activities.

Drill and Practice-These pages contain straightforward practice of the skill.

Application/Word Problem Activities-Students use the skill to problem solve and explore real-life situations. Math Test--A test in standardized format is provided for each skill.

A resource section at the end of each book contains the following:

Timed math tests

Class record sheet

Test answer form


Reproducible practice cards for number facts