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Product Description

An analogy is a comparison between two things. It points out the similarities or likenesses between things that might be different in all other respects. These exercises not only build thinking skills and make students more flexible and analytical, they also enhance vocabulary and writing skills.

This collection perfectly reinforces the skills and strategies introduced in the best-selling Thinking Through Analogies and Analogies for the 21st Century. Whether Analogy Roundup is your students’ first encounter with analogies or whether they are veterans with a great deal of experience, this book gives them the tools they need in a fun-to-use format.

Thinking strategies are provided to help students recognize the unique relationships between paired items and how a relationship can be replicated in many thought-provoking ways. Each lesson introduces new analogical patterns, gives examples, and offers solving strategies. Vocabulary is up-to-date and reflects today's culture. These popular analogies give students more than one correct way to approach and solve problems while they expand their confidence in their test-taking abilities. Grades 4–7.