America's History: Land of Liberty Hardcover

America's History: Land of Liberty Hardcover
Item# America-History-Land-of-Liberty

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자유를 쟁취하고 민주정치를 확립하여 강대국으로 발전시킨 다양한 인물을 중심으로 미국 역사를 알기 쉽게 소개하고 있는 미국 역사 입문서이다.

Keep reluctant readers involved and engaged in American History. Featuring high-interest presentation, this program will help you excite and motivate your secondary students: Available in two-book softcover series or one hardcover edition, Questions presented at the outset of each chapter help students focus on main idea, Annotated time lines quickly orient and establish relevance for the lesson that follows, Easy-to-read, two-column format and reduced information per page appeal to even the most reluctant readers, and ESL activities make this an ideal program for non-native speakers.